Our Story

Pandion Health provides comprehensive mental health care via telehealth to communities Australia wide.

Launched in October 2021, Pandion Health is an Australia based online mental health collective led by its cofounders, psychiatrist Brendan Daugherty, and paediatrician James Mulvany. Both Brendan and James have worked extensively in metropolitan, rural, and remote areas and have experienced first-hand the often suboptimal access to mental health services in Australia.

Our vision is to deliver benchmark mental health care via telehealth with services provided by a group of exceptional clinicians.

Supporting this vision, Pandion Health is underpinned by the three key principles of trust, compassion and collaboration.

Why are we called Pandion? We’re glad you asked. Pandion is the scientific name for an osprey – a strong and adaptable migrating bird that is found throughout Australia (and the world). This represents our vision to support people anywhere in Australia. We hope you will feel like you can soar after engaging with us!