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Mental health assessment, treatment and support by telehealth

Telehealth Adult Psychiatry Services

The evolution of digital health services has ushered in a new era for psychiatric care, making “telehealth psychiatrist” and “online psychiatrist Australia” common search terms for those seeking mental health support.

Telehealth adult psychiatry services provide a convenient and effective solution for accessing mental health care, offering a range of psychiatric assessments and treatments online.

This innovative approach ensures that individuals seeking “psychiatrist near me” can now receive comprehensive care from the comfort of their homes, without the need to travel.

Advantages of Telehealth Psychiatry Services

The shift towards telehealth psychiatry leverages technology to break down barriers to access. But telehealth is not for everyone. You can read this article to consider the benefits and pitfalls to telehealth care.

Notably, geography is no longer a constraint for rural and remote clients. Even in big cities people are choosing to connect with top-tier “psychiatrist Melbourne,” “psychiatrist Sydney,” and “psychiatrist Brisbane” by telehealth due to the ease of connecting from their office or comfort of their own home.

Privacy, accessibility, and the flexibility to schedule appointments around personal commitments make telehealth psychiatry an attractive option for many.

Conditions Treated by Adult Telehealth Psychiatrists

Adult telehealth psychiatrists are equipped to address a wide spectrum of mental health conditions, including mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more. A more detailed list of conditions we assess and manage is found on our home page or in individual clinician profiles.

Mood Disorders

Telehealth psychiatrists employ various therapeutic interventions to manage mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, offering hope and support through personalised treatment plans. The accessibility of qualified professionals online has made it easier for patients to maintain consistent care, crucial for effective mood disorder management.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders, encompassing conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and phobias, are treatable through telehealth services. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a cornerstone treatment for anxiety, is effectively delivered via online platforms, providing relief and coping strategies to those affected.


The demand for ADHD psychiatrists and comprehensive ADHD assessments reflects the growing recognition of ADHD’s impact on adults. Telehealth services facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, offering structured interventions and medication management to help patients navigate daily challenges. Pandion Health has a specialised stream to assist with all your ADHD needs.

How to Access Specialised Adult Telehealth Psychiatrists with Ease

When searching for an adult psychiatrist, it’s essential to consider their expertise and specialisation. While adult psychiatrists are trained in the full range of mental health concerns, many have additional areas of expertise and preference, for example, found in this list by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Every client of Pandion Health is triaged by the clinical directors, so you can be sure you will be matched with a suitable clinician. You may also review our adult psychiatrists by scrolling below.

For individuals dealing with ADHD or related concerns, seeking out an adult ADHD psychiatrist assessment is crucial for receiving tailored treatment and support.

Whether you’re in need of ongoing therapy, medication management, or diagnostic evaluations, an online psychiatrist can provide personalised care to help you navigate your mental health journey effectively.

At Pandion Health, we strive to match you with the most appropriate clinician for your needs. Please contact us through the booking form, email or phone and we will provide you with the necessary pathway to meet your mental health needs. Appointments are generally available within 1 to 3 weeks.

Fee information:

Pandion Health is a private practice and provides benchmark adult telehealth psychiatrist services with short waiting times. Medicare rebates are available with a valid referral. We do not offer bulk billing. Standard assessments fees are found in the table below. Contact the team at Pandion Health for more information.

Appointment typeFull costCost after rebate
Standard assessment$750$502.75
291 assessments$930$500.15
Standard review (30 mins)$380$253.60
*Please note this is a guide to our most common appointment types. Other appointment types may be advised.
*ADHD assessments are charged at different rates. Please see our ADHD page for ADHD assessment fees.

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