Psychology & Counselling telehealth

Talking therapies by telehealth

Psychologists, counsellors and other therapists use talking therapies to assist their clients. We have a range of clinicians that can help with everyday challenges, work stress and relationship problems to more specific interventions for depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. They can also conduct specific testing for disorders such as ADHD or Autism where required.

Our therapists are approachable and warm. After an assessment phase, they tailor their intervention to suit your needs. Intervention may simply be a listening ear, or help with problem solving. Sometimes it means working with evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, trauma focussed therapies and psychodynamic informed approaches, to name a few. Specific information about psychologists and psychotherapists can be found on their profiles.

Medicare rebates are available with a valid referral. Contact the team at Pandion for more information.


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